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Dear Parent, You Can Avoid It.

Education is not narrowed down to the four walls of a building as claimed and preached by many. Education is broad because it cuts across all areas of life and is not narrowed alone to a career path. It includes socially, mentally, financially, maritally, and most importantly, spiritually. 

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Anger; The Way Out. Part 2

After creating humans, God gave them a great treasure called the WILL, He also gave them the POWER To control that WILL. The ability to decide to do or not to do a thing. The devil is aware of this. So what he does, is that he manipulates the minds of his victims by injecting defeat and slavery into it. He rejoices when he knows and sees you’re his captive.

Gracious Women, Life Experiences, TeenSpace

Anger; The Way Out. Part 1

I remembered when I was below 10years of age, one of my elder brothers offended me. I can’t actually remember what caused the offence and the spirit of anger as usual empowered me and the next thing I did was to rush out for a knife. I don’t know if I was to use the knife on myself or on my brother.

Gracious Women, Life Experiences, TeenSpace

The Words You Wield

Many engagements have been broken because of advice given out of selfish or completely ignorant opinions.
Some people have found themselves being hated for reasons they don’t understand no matter how hard they try. Some destiny helpers are avoiding those they should have helped.

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