Are you overwhelmed with sin?

Are you overwhelmed with fears?

Are you overwhelmed with sickness?

Are you overwhelmed with barrenness?

Are you overwhelmed with lack?

Are you overwhelmed with disappointment?

Are you overwhelmed with shame?

Are you overwhelmed with loneliness?

Are you overwhelmed with hate?

Are you overwhelmed with failure?

Are you overwhelmed with reproach?

Are you overwhelmed with guilt?

My Dad was a reader of newspapers, and while growing up, he usually shared with us any exciting news he read from the newspapers.

There is a true-life story I read some years back from one of the newspapers. A woman was married for many years with no child. She was drowned in barrenness, hopelessness, anxiety, and reproach. But one day, she said to herself, ‘enough is enough!’

Tell me about faith, and I will tell you about our father of faith, Abraham, and the woman in the newspaper.

They demonstrated an unwavering inexhaustible challenging faith.

She got four chairs, and these chairs represented the unseen but seen babies.

Before leaving the house for her daily activities, she will pray and speak to the chairs as though humans occupied them.

She usually says, “Victor, take care of you and your siblings till Mummy returns.”

She did this repeatedly from days to weeks, and after a few months, she discovered she was pregnant.

What! This was unbelievable; after years of being overwhelmed with barrenness, she was an expectant mother.

The most thrilling beauty of this new overwhelming journey was that she gave birth to quadruplets(2 boys and two girls).

She chose the path of being overwhelmed with faith instead of sadness, reproach, and false voices.

What has overwhelmed you, and you think God cannot amend your life situation?

Hello! The last time I checked, God is still alive and transforming lives from a mess to a miracle that turns into a message.

If life were to be a hospital, God would function in the department of impossibility. In that department, He is the Specialist Consultant in impossibilities.

Suppose life was to be an academic institution; in the department of impossibility, God holds a master’s, Ph.D., Post-doctorate, and Professorship. He will be called a Professor Emeritus in impossibility. 

God is still in the business of solving impossible cases.

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