Gracious Women, TeenSpace

No Better Way.

We all come from an origin, a place where we all start in the journey of life. This includes nationality, race, tribe, belief system, or background. In the journey of life, we are under spiritual surveillance. And we have a choice regarding which spiritual surveillance we want to be affiliated to.

Gracious Women, TeenSpace

The Greatest Lie We Tell is Against God.

Think about the universe and everything, think about your body and how it works, and ponder deeply on everything God has done in time, past, and present. If He did all those, then why are you worried now? Look at the sparrows, the ants, the animals, and the fish in the sea. He provides for them, and if He did, your case wouldn’t be any different. 

Gracious Women, TeenSpace

Is Jesus Still With You?

Decisions directed by the Word of God are always in line with the direction where Jesus is going, and therefore if you can live under the guidance of the Word of God and seek His face in everything you do, if you can obey His commands, you can never go wrong. You will always behave in the presence of Jesus with you.

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