Life Experiences

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Your True Identity

Are you there and like me you feel broken, or worse still, you feel like you are beyond repair? Hear God’s voice to you above yours. God did not create any broken person, He created everything in the way He believes is good. If He believes in what He has made, why then are you finding it hard to believe in yourself and in Him?

Life Experiences

Out of the Box

For me, the true definition of ‘out of the box’ was freedom, independence, maturity, and the beginning of confidence until life taught me a lesson I have to pass on to generations.

Life Experiences

A Failed Ministry

They never had the time to even pop a pimple on our faces, neither to wipe our bodies after bath. Many times I had gone into their room crying but they ended up telling me to go to aunty Neki, my worst fear.

Life Experiences

Caught in The Avalanche

The multitudes of opinions around her and around you, trying to sweep you off what you have always known. Most people are trying so hard to stand but here comes this terrible, heavy, fast-flowing avalanche of other people’s opinions shaking them at the very core of their beliefs.

Gracious Women, Life Experiences

The Doctor In You.

Few months ago, a woman was telling me of a stranger with her children she helped. They were homeless in the cold and she took them being ignorant of who they were. Her heart went out to the two little children especially. She housed them for more than 3 months before they could secure a place.

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