In the Greek translation, the word for tarry is grégoréo and it means to be vigilant, responsible.
To be vigilant and responsible requires action.
In different scriptures, you will find the word tarry has been used as a warning, instruction, command or advice.

Those who are vigilant are called vigilante and are also known to be watchmen.
They watch over the city against invading enemies.
They are always on alert because that is their responsibility.

Everyone who has identified with Christ has automatically been given the responsibility of a vigilante.
Everything about life is spiritual, because of the Spirit in man. But unfortunately, life is treated casually and that’s the reason for so many casualties.

The things that should matter most are now what matters least. The quest for knowledge, money, and fame is alarming. The fear of this generation is the fear of not being known, relevant or rich.
You chase your dreams in your career, business, marriage and even in ministry. You can keep vigil reading, making business transacting, chatting, watching movies but you become lazy, sleepy, when it has to do with God.

Unfortunately, the devil understands what it means to be vigilant, hence he’s so vigilant to strike children of God in every opportunity he gets no matter how little. He keeps vigil over the soul until he captures the individual
He is vigilant in our joyful and excited state.
He is vigilant in our challenging moments.
He is vigilant in our moment of temptation.
He is vigilant all the time.

You become a prey and captive of the devil when you lose sight of your soul by your activities.

Nothing in this life is more important than your soul. After your time on earth is done, you will leave your businesses, customers, social media accounts, certificates, pulpit, position, family etc and face the judgement throne.

A Christian who is vigilant and responsible in prayer is vigilant and responsible in life.
Be vigilant over your words, actions, thoughts, companies and habits.
The devil never gets tired of waiting for your unguarded moment.
Never get tired of disappointing him by being vigilant over your soul.

● A vigilant person doesn’t grab any job offer.
● A vigilant person doesn’t grab any opportunity without seeking God’s approval.
● A vigilant person doesn’t engage in any kind of business.
● A vigilant person is not a talkative person.
● A vigilant person puts his emotions under control.
● A vigilant person is careful of what he watches, hears, thinks and does.
● A vigilant person prays ceaselessly.
● A vigilant person gets God involved in all he does.

As much as God watches over you, you still have a responsibility to be vigilant against the invasion of the enemy of your soul, the devil.
A vigilant person is so careful so that nothing distracts him from his responsibility over his soul.

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