The Miserable Men

We are familiar with the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. These were men who were miserable at one point or the other.
Lazarus lived a miserable life but ended up in a palace in eternity while the rich man lived in the palace but ended up in misery in eternity.

Lazarus lived and died miserable because he failed to access the untapped resources from the Almighty. Faith is a hook to bring down some certain blessings of God you need.

On the other hand, the rich man enjoyed all the goodies of life and replaced the place of God with the goodies of this life. His end in eternity was in misery and regrets.

What is Misery?

It simply means great unhappiness; extreme pain of body or mind; wretchedness; distress; woe.

We presently have two categories of people.
The lovers of God but yet living a miserable life.
And those enjoying the goodies of this life but yet miserable.

During a discussion session, a young lady said and I quote her “the only thing that fears me in this life is not being relevant.”
By relevant, she meant not fulfilling her career dreams and being known in the society.
What about being relevant in/for/to God?

Have you wondered why the Church of God in general is cold and filled with more unregenerated, prayerless, unholy, merciless, hateful, less compassionate, lying, immoral etc folks?
Wonder no more.

This is the propeller of a lot of people in this generation. The drive, zeal for what they do is for the well being of the flesh, fame, money, power. And all these ends here.

Who told you you can’t be relevant to society and yet be holy and do exploits for God?

Abraham, David, Paul, Daniel, Job, Deborah, Joseph, Esther, Priscilla and many others were living very comfortable lives and yet were stalwarts for God here on earth and their lifestyles were void of sin and self.

Dearly Beloved, there is life after death.
Don’t end up miserable in eternity.
There is no comfort in misery once your chapter of eternity begins.

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