No, It’s Not Little.

We often neglect some little actions and publicise the actions we think it’s big, forgetting that nothing is little when it has to do with our walk with God.

When a Christian is overtaken in an immoral act, it’s a norm among fellow Christians to talk about it and most times avoid communication with such a person.
In some denominations, a strict discipline is spelt out for such a one.

In the sight of God sin is sin. There’s nothing like big sin and small sin.
But in the sight of man, sin has been measured. That’s why bigger discipline shows how grevious the sin you’ve committed is.

I remembered a lady who was disciplined because of immorality. The person who she was involved with in the immoral act was also disciplined but was later restored into service after 2 years.
But she was never restored. Why? According to the Pastor, he hasn’t seen the fruit of repentance. Nine years still under discipline we lost her to the world.
Never for once did the church pray for her while in discipline.

I was opportuned to fellowship with a German church for almost 7months. A married brother was overtaken in immorality. He was disciplined by the church leader.
But something surprising, wonderful and worth emulating happened. During his discipline, the church was always praying for him as they gathered. Few weeks later he was restored.

Discipline should be used for restoration and not damnation.

Are you among those who sing about others’ immoral sins, despise them and talk evil about them?
But you plant discord among people, you slander, you hate, you bear false witness because of a promised gain, you lie, you cheat.
You know what! You deserve discipline as well.

Don’t be ignorant and excuse yourself by saying immortality is a sin against the body. Yours is a sin against humanity and above all against GOD.

I have seen people lie against another and think it’s normal.
I have seen people plant discord among others and still come to the presence of God lifting up abominable hands thinking it’s holy hands.
Such people stink in the presence of God.

If you still do and live in the things, humans terms as little sin and are not pricked then, you haven’t met Jesus.
You haven’t been crucified with Christ Jesus. You are still outside the Kingdom.

Are you wondering why you aren’t growing in your relationship with God?
Honestly examine yourself and do it daily.

Don’t forget no sin is little in the sight of God.

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