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They Become A Reflection Of You.

Life happened so fast and Mrs Jenny wished it was a dream. Please wake me up from this dream, she screamed. Restlessly running back and forth with her hands on her hair, she tried pulling her hair from the root.

Mrs Jenny’s hair was scattered. Who cares! Sorrow has no regard for beauty.

Her neighbour took her 2 year old baby from her. 

Jenny was broken, shattered because this wasn’t what she prepared for. She and her husband had plans for the future, for their children and for themselves. 

Just 3 years after the wedding, Mr Richard, her husband died.

Where will she start from? How will she pick the pieces of her life together? How will she cope without her dearest and loving husband?

All these questions kept flooding her mind.

26 years later Floxy, Mrs Jenny’s daughter, is a graduate. The celebration was a huge one for the family. Mrs Jenny found comfort not only in God but in her daughter’s accomplishment.

Benny, so grateful to God and her Mum who single handedly trained her decided to share her testimony of growth and success to the church.

While she was testifying, the two women seated next to me smacked their lips and condemned her mother. They kept gossiping while in the presence of God that the mom didn’t train her daughter well. They talked about her painted nails and earrings and were so disgusted with her while she testified.

After the testimony, they couldn’t even appreciate God by clapping their hands for the testimony of the young lady who just graduated and grew up without a father. 

I guess they were among the group in the church who felt that clapping their hands after testimony is for the testifier and not for God.

Benny got a job shortly after her graduation and 2 years later she got married, and in the process was blessed with 2 kids.

..…Back to the two women……

Their daughters grew up and were the worst. So young but immorally exposed and legends in gossip.

Dear Mum, be careful of how you speak about others before your kids. They  become what they’ve learnt from you. And your actions can hinder your children’s progress in life.

Be engaged in productive things and watch them being productive themselves.

If you feel that a woman’s child is untrained please pray for them.

If you think that the pastor’s children are wayward, intercede for them.

If you know that the youths are unsaved, you can pray and fast for them. Don’t gossip about them, whether in the presence of your children or in their absence. 

Gossiping kills the Presence of God, Prayer breeds the Presence of God.

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