Reserved For The Deserving.

The story of Mr White’s children reminded me of the person of God.

Mr White had two grown daughters who were two years apart in age. They lived in Miami, Florida.

The younger was very keen, humble, dedicated and diligent while the elder didn’t care about anything in the world.
Her behavior of course bothered her father but she couldn’t change for unknown reasons.

When Mr. White’s will was read by his attorney on his demise, he had willed all he had to his youngest daughter who he trusted, “to live up to expectation”.

This is exact in the case of God.

Even Christ explained and demonstrated fairness in his days. He emphasized on MERIT.

Giving to everyone on the basis of what they truly deserve without bias or sentiments (Matthew 7:6)

No matter how you carefully give a clean and precious object to a swine, it will soil it and never place value on it.

In like manner, God does not take what is befitting to his children and give it to those who are outside the kingdom who have no knowledge of the value of the substance. Neither will he be so unreasonable to give what is of less value to his deserving children.

God is no respecter of persons neither can he be mocked (Acts10:34, Galatians 6:7).

In God’s merit system, everyone gets what they deserve.

Do you need a God-fearing man as a life partner? Ensure you deserve it.

Do you want a Proverbs 31 woman as the wife of your youth? Be sincere enough to tell yourself if you truly deserve it.

You want children polished after the similitude of a palace? They are only reserved for the deserving.

Remember that the rule is, whatever a man sows, he gets to reap.

Some ladies make a mess of their lives and at the end are looking forward to having a complete package set before them and vice versa.
The hard truth is that you must first prove yourself to merit that honor.

It was until Christ submitted to the death of the cross that he merited the honor and glory and power bestowed in his name.

If God was careful enough to execute justice and fairness in the course of his beloved son, think not yourself more highly than you ought.


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