The Word To Create Your World.

“Hansen! please get me that bowl of milk in the refrigerator”. “Alright mum. Ah…. Oh my God!!!”
“What is the matter?” (rushes to the direction of Hansen’s voice).

“Mother I…I, I was trying to walk faster before I missed a step and fell so the milk spilled. It wasn’t deliberate….”
“…Will you shut your dirty mouth up! What kind of a child are you? Just to get me the bowl of milk from the refrigerator you’re telling me stories. I wish you fell and broke your head. Now get inside you good for nothing, useless boy.”

I think the above dialogue is no news to the children raised in the African region.

Parents must understand that there are two primary reasons they have the authority embedded on their lips which are,
To command worship to God and
To call the things that aren’t into existence.

Human beings were created to be partners in creation with God (Genesis 2:19-20)

Unfortunately many parents misuse this power and authority delivered to them. Rather than creating and bringing things into life, they kill the existing by what they call them.
Adam gave names to those animals and they lived but many parents today give names to their children and they die.
Hansen was called useless and good for nothing. Believe me he can never function beyond that which he has been called except the greater God comes in.

Jabez was called a sorrowful child at birth and sorrow filled all his life until he went to the Almighty, the greater God.
When Moses was born, he was still very tender, and not ‘useful’ at the time but his mother saw goodness in him and for that she preserved him and didn’t throw him away like the other male children born.

Hannah had just given birth to just a son (Samuel) when she accounted herself as having born seven. This means that Samuel meant more than just one child to her. She reckoned him to be as much as seven sons to her.
Some other woman would likely say, “I have just one child”.

I’d like to reiterate that parents are gods who have been given the word to create their own world.
The word of God in their mouth is the tool with which they speak things into existence (Gen. 1:3, Rom. 10:8).

The world that we desire will be built by the word that we speak.

In the next part of this writing, I’ll address the names we call our children as nouns and not as adjectives as we did here.

I urge us to begin to create our desired world using the tool given to us effectively.

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