Broken Walls.

“A weapon you hold and don’t know how to use belongs to your enemy”.

                -Terry Pratchett

I once met a lady who had an eight months old baby, and while nurturing that baby, she became pregnant again. As she didn’t plan or expect it, it made her so unhappy and bitter towards her husband. She was more bothered about her reputation(society has made women feel that taking in soon after the previous pregnancy is not good) and this made her use her words to break down her wall of protection(her husband). She yelled at her husband publicly and spoke words which pierced the man’s heart. The man was broken by her words and soon the wall(of love, care, etc) became pregnable.

Eventually she lost that pregnancy and  that was the end of child-bearing for her.

She eventually needed a child, and sought for a child  in tears but the child never came. 

She had a weapon but misused it until it was taken from her.

God was the hedge around Adam and Eve whilst in the garden. He made them care for all the things He(God) had created, while Himself cared for them. Both the man and the woman were solely dependent on God. 

After man’s disobedience and the attendant consequences, God made the man superior to the woman because there was a need for someone who would look after the affairs of man in the absence of God. 

The man became a covering to the woman, being in charge of all. At that point a kind of dependency sprang in the woman. 

To reiterate on that, Christ through Paul the apostle in Ephesians 5:23 said that the husband is the head of the wife. In other words, every husband is a shield and covering to his wife. 

What happens when the woman goes out of her way to break this covering? Of course the lurking serpent will not hesitate to bite. 

As a woman, intentionally abiding in the confines of your wall of protection is to your best interest. 

The role of the woman is to guard that wall against predators. 

Many women of this generation have chosen to patronise the devil’s store. They have bought a lie from there, and they no longer see the role of the man as being their covering. 

Proverbs says that her husband is known in the gates, all because of the honor she bestows on him. Contrary to many of today’s women, whose husbands have bowed in shame in the streets. 

I pray we don’t go ahead breaking our own walls to our detriment.

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