A Call To Selflessness.

One of the most significant mistakes people make, especially children of God, is believing that the things that happen to them are all about them alone. Everything that happens, the good, the bad, and the ugly, all serve a purpose that is more than you.

When God called Abraham and other prophets of old, He called them for the sake of His people.  Everyone down to His own Son(Christ Jesus) was called for the sake of others. Some went through bad situations for this purpose.  He asked a prophet to marry a prostitute for the sake of His people. 

He blessed Abraham and said He would use him to bless others.

Has God ever blessed your life through someone in any way? Then what makes you think He shouldn’t use you to bless another person?  This is where we get it wrong as children of God. As soon as the goodness of God comes to our hands, we lock it up and hold it all to ourselves. Some of us cannot compromise our comfort zone for the sake of another person. We have taken the philosophy of DON’T DISPLEASE YOURSELF TO PLEASE OTHERS to a whole different level than what it was initially intended.

I do not mean just material possessions here. I am talking about the valuable lessons and virtues that life has taught or given to us, including the gifts God has released to us. We must learn to share them with those around us because they are around us for a reason. Please do not say; Where were they when I was suffering to get them? Of a truth, there is nothing you have that wasn’t given to you by God. Even the ability to work hard was given by God, and God equally gave the rewards for working hard because some are working even harder but aren’t able to achieve as much as you do.

Your bad situation might be a shining light to someone tomorrow when you share your testimony. 

Your readiness to share with others or contribute to others is a show of gratitude to God and opens the door for more of God’s goodness to you.

We must therefore have the mind of Jesus, who, even though He lived in the highest glory, was not only willing to abandon it for our sake but was obedient even unto death.

As long as it doesn’t cost us our faith or relationship with God,  we must be willing to be there for those around us.

I know a man who selflessly uses his highly lucrative profession to serve God at the expense of his gain. There is no place he goes to do any of his work that people don’t come out in numbers to help him. It is such that he becomes Idle because someone has taken up every part of the work.  Sometimes he sits and wonders where these people are coming from. They work happily and never leave until everything is done.

God will never abandon anyone who answers His call to selflessness. 

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