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Careless Trust.

Marriage! Marriage!! Marriage!!!

It’s how you lay your bed that you will lie on.

If you lay the bed of carelessness, you will lie on it.

If you lay the bed of wisdom, you will also lie on it.

It was a beautiful home that was wrecked because of the blind and careless trust of the wife. Catherine was not a naive wife, but unfortunately she lacked the wisdom needed to build her home.

A lovely beautiful home of 18 years came crashing before her eyes.

Alice, a young independent lady, usually visits Catherine’s family. Soon their friendship blossomed and trust grew between them. They were prayer partners too.

Catherine’s husband and children became fond of Alice. She could visit anytime, help Catherine cook and do some laundry.

As time progressed with their friendship, Catherine could bring Alice into her matrimonial bedroom.

Eager to know what happened next?

Alice got the liberty to come over to Catherine’s home anytime, even in the absence of Catherine.

Four – five years later, Catherine’s husband pushed her away and married Alice.

Catherine wasn’t wise to know the boundaries to set, so the devil swept her off.

So many homes have been wrecked because of careless trust by wives. If there’s one thing the devil is angry and envious about, it is a family unit. And he never sleeps or gets tired to see that he destroys homes. 

The devil is never lazy and careless but always active in his duties to steal, kill and destroy. As a wife, never be careless and lazy in your responsibility.

Set boundaries, be prayerful and apply wisdom in all you do. 

Hello dear Wife, an admired home is a target. Never entrust your husband into the care of another woman.

Your husband belongs to you alone and your bedroom is for two not for three.

Be WISE dear Wife.

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