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12th April, 2022 | Prayer

Dear Father, I thank You because I am beautifully and wonderfully made.  I am sorry for not giving myself the value I deserve and not entering into the role you have given me. I repent and resolve from today that with your grace, I will be a strength to my husband, a preserver of my […]

11th April, 2022 | Prayer.

Dear Father Thank You for making me such a superior being.  I am sorry that I have so far taken Your plans for me for granted. I ask that You forgive me and turn me back to You. I submit my life to You and ask that You realign me to Your will that I […]

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The Safest Place.

The one thing that has caused chaos in the family; husband and wife, parents and children, sibling and sibling,  amongst leaders in the house of God, brethren to brethren, etc., is the absence of dwelling in the safest place.

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4th April, 2022 | Prayer

Dear Father, I have roamed all over the place because I cannot locate Your voice. I know that my ignorance has kept me far from Your voice. So please have mercy on me and restore me in the right direction that I might hear You speak to me and help me obey.  Amen.

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22nd March, 2022 | prayer

Dear Father  I am before Your presence, just as I am. You have loved me, not because of how perfect I try to present myself, but because of who You are. Father I am so full of myself and that is why I have not seen the need to be judged by You. But today […]

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14th March, 2022 | Prayer

Dear Father, I thank you for the ability to choose. I am sorry for all the times I did not choose You, for all the times I chose other things and people in Your place. From today, You shall be my first choice, please direct my path to suit Your desires for me. Amen

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