The Words You Wield.

The Negative:
She was a girl whose family met with some misfortune and went into a financial crisis which has lasted for years. Whenever I see her, I remember that and it makes me have a soft spot for her. Kill

One day I was talking with someone and her name came up as a suggestion to take up a particular role and the moment I called her name, my friend shrank, as though she had an allergic reaction to her name. She then said: ‘She is a very rude girl and proceeded to tell me some incidents to back up her claims.
I was perplexed on hearing that because I never pictured her to be that kind of person.

After that, whenever I see her, I remember what I was told about her, more than what I used to know about her. It was very difficult to handle the disapproval that comes to mind whenever she comes in view.

The Positive.
We were not close, but we weren’t strangers to each other either.
My organisation had a collaboration with his organization, and since we knew each other, we were expected to work together and we did.

Until one day I called and got my call abruptly and rudely terminated. There hadn’t been any reason for that based on our previous discussions so I wondered what could have preceded it.

While discussing with another friend, mutual to both of us, I told her the challenges I had and how I was unwilling to speak with the person who would help. She started to tell me about his work and character and commitment. By the time she was through, every reservation I had had melted. The next time we met up for work, knowing better, I had a different attitude from what I had planned earlier.

Why am I talking about this?
When we understand what power our words carry, we would be careful about the way we wield them.

Some relationships and marriages have been destroyed almost beyond repair as a result of what people say concerning one of the parties.

Many engagements have been broken because of advice given out of selfish or completely ignorant opinions.
Some people have found themselves being hated for reasons they don’t understand no matter how hard they try. Some destiny helpers are avoiding those they should have helped.

Some negative things you know about some people are for us to help them out of it, not to broadcast it.
We have a very powerful tool that can build or destroy another’s chances and so we must learn to use it wisely.

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