Marriage Is For Sharers

Most marriages are shattered because of a continuous practice of selfishness and a lot of
young people are unaware of this deadly disease.
Selfishness is rude and deadly. It breeds ingratitude, prioritises oneself, doesn’t accept
mistakes, lack of understanding, taking all decisions by themselves, hurt, disrespect and

The Extra Mile.

The extra mile is not a split second decision, it’s an attitude you would have developed overtime, something that has become part of you. It is not for the purpose of outdoing others.

The Lady V

Queen Vasthi was the first woman to practice the word feminism and it cost her her place as a wife, queen and a women leader. She felt equal in headship with her husband. She’s meeting with her women as he is meeting with his men so why calling her out of hers.

Dear Mother, You Can.

The children God gave you or will give you, He knows you’ll be capable of investing positively in them. You are their caretaker. God will require them at your hand on the last day. May He give us the means and wisdom to lead the young. Amen.

The Virus Called Offence

There is a virus more virulent than Covid-19, more destructive than HIV, and more lethal than Ebola, It is Called Offence. Because the Heart (or mind) is the control room of life, we are instructed by God to keep our Hearts with all diligence. The heart is an enclosed space of limited volume, meaning that […]

Parents, Beware!!

In most families today, there are a lot of issues that have and are affecting the bond in a family. Parents are so busy attending to other things and other people that they barely have time for their family. A man said, his wife has never been the first to apologize to him even when […]

Dress It And Keep It. Part 3

A minister once said it was only Adam who did 100% of God’s will in marriage. Despite this, Adam’s marriage was not a success but a colossal failure. What can we learn from the above? It simply means that even if you did 100% God’s will in marriage, if you fail to dress and keep […]

Dress It And Keep It. Part 2

After the creation of man, the devil was not happy because man was made in the image and likeness of God. This literally means that man was a mini-god, which meant that angels would be loyal to him(man), and the devil being a fallen angel would also be subject to man. That was the foundation […]

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