The Baton Of A Praying Mother.

I had some good moments of discussion with a friend turned sister, and as we threw our minds to our childhood days and some events that happened, one thing that stood out for us both was the prayer lives of our mothers.

Our mothers prayed as if dailies depended on the prayers, and of course!

They raised prayer as a structure.

They made prayer a lifestyle.

They knew nor had any backup aside from prayer.

Their mental, financial, academic, and material abilities or status weren’t placed by the side as backups. They knew only the language of prayer in every circumstance.

Even in all good times, when people tend to forget to pray, they make the prayer of thanks.

Nothing without prayer was worth it.

My friend said, “…as a child, I told myself I’d follow the same pattern when I have my own home.”

They set this pace, and their children caught as much as they did.

Those experiences helped shape our lives into what they are today.

We all decided to build our homes when we became mothers on the foundation of prayer.

We have stepped into wives’ and mothers’ shoes today, but we can’t find the flames of prayer burning in our homes.

What went wrong? I’m scared!

I’m worried! I’m afraid! What will our children take from us?

What will they talk about when they come together as I did with my friend?

The devil, the arch enemy of godly and praying homes, couldn’t shut the mouths of praying mothers, so the flame burned on their altars.

Even after several decades, there are still praying mothers like the mothers we knew.

Soon, they will need someone holding them by the hand and praying for them, but who will that be?

Could it be that young woman who has no intimate moments with God?

Could it be that daughter who has no understanding of spiritual activities?

Who will stand in the place of these women when they are gone?

Who will become their replicas?

Will our children sleep peacefully knowing we are praying for them? *(Matthew 9:15 And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall they fast).*

God is counting on us, and our children look up to us.

Sending them to the best schools in the world is great but leaving them without teaching them spiritual operations is disastrous.

May our generation of mothers not disappoint God and our children. 

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