The Seamstress Of Joppa.

No! It can’t be. No one was accepting the doctor’s report. His lifeless body was laid on the altar for a miracle.

People gathered, and prayers mixed with tears were offered to God for hours, but it pleased the Lord to keep his own.

He wasn’t wealthy in land and properties but stinkingly rich in the fruit of the Spirit.

If you want to know what Christlike nature is all about, then Daddy Joe, as we fondly called him, was the proper definition.

He greatly impacted the lives of those around him irrespective of their belief, culture, tribe, denomination, and even age.

I was just nine years old when Daddy Joe left this world, but I felt the piercing weight of grief at that age.

I can imagine how the people of Joppa felt at the demise of Dorcas.

Dorcas bagged a Ph.D. in that field of good works and charitable deeds; that was her profession and identity.

The Bible informed us by describing her to be a woman full of good works and charitable deeds.

Even though she was just a seamstress, she was a seamstress with a difference. Her skill/handwork brought comfort to those around her, especially widows.

When she died, the saints and women of Joppa immediately sent for Peter because she was someone of value that had affected lives.

For Dorcas, being a source of comfort and building relationships were the real wealth rather than exploiting in the name of making money (gain).

Presently, we are in a world where people have chosen to put and regard money as more valuable than human beings. They pursue money even if it leads them to exploit another, and they don’t mind how they can acquire wealth.

The lives you affect and the relationship you’ve built are the people that will come to your aid when you face challenges and need a hand to lift you.

Your skill/talent/handwork should bring comfort to another, build relationships, and, most significantly, bring glory to God.

Dorcas built relationships and was a source of relief.

What is your presence and skill/talent/handwork giving to another?

Are you a source of comfort or discomfort?

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