The Beauty Of God’s Judgement.

My life has always been about staying out of trouble and trying to maintain the best image of myself as much as I can. 

It has always been all about staying away from condemnation as much as possible. 

I believe that to a great extent, it is the same as most people who are reading this now. I mean, would you want to purposely do something so obviously bad that you would attract condemnation? 

While this is very commendable because it helps you to live a good life and avoid wrongdoing, there is an aspect to it that we have been getting terribly wrong; that is trying to maintain that perfect Image before God… ourselves. 

We have shifted our Focus from how God really sees us and placed more premium on how we present ourselves before Him. We forget that how we present ourselves before Him most times isn’t how He sees us. 

As a matter of fact they conflict often. Even though God desires that they agree, and only God can make them agree. This is why it is very important to let God judge us. 

Now when we hear the word ‘judgement’,  the first thing that comes to mind is condemnation; the one thing we are desperately avoiding. But today I want to let you know that whenever God judges, He is not seeking to condemn or even to justify us, but rather to bring forth righteousness. He judges you in order to take away what prevents righteousness and increase what promotes righteousness. 

When God judges you, you will see how much you need Him and it will increase your desire thereby enabling you to receive more of Him. In other words it empties you of yourself and fills you with more of God.

We must therefore stop trying to prove our righteousness to God (as it is a filthy rag before Him), but rather submit to Him in our vulnerability and helplessness. God loves it when He knows that we cannot help ourselves, when He knows that He’s our only option. 

So do not hide your weakness from Him because He sees and knows it all and He is waiting to help you.

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