Does God Need Your Two Coins?

Jesus sat at the side of the offering box and watched the widow go to the offering box to deposit her offering. He had seen countless people come and give theirs and said nothing, But what was it about this woman’s offering that made Him comment..?

God sees what we offer, and He sees it in terms of how much of us we offer. We are not supposed to give to God carelessly or even absent-minded, no matter the amount. 

For this widow;

While others gave out of their abundance,  she gave out of her lack.

While others said: ‘God, I have decided to give you this amount of money, she said: ‘ God, I have decided to give you control of my wealth.

Is there any amount that is enough for God? So of what significance is what we give to Him. He could cause the soil in your backyard to vomit gold. He could cause any miraculous increase to execute whatever He needed to. So is He looking for your possession?

When we know what God expects from us, we will be able to develop the mindset that makes our offering acceptable to Him.

Whenever God comes to work on earth, He looks out for people. He doesn’t necessarily look for those who have it all or are qualified or confident about doing the work. He looks for those who can step out of the way to allow Him to use them and their resources. God is more interested in those who give Him control of their lives, not those who set aside a portion. 

That was what Jesus saw in the widow. And that was why her offering, though the least significant, was esteemed higher than all others. 

This level of yielding shows utmost faith and trust in God and His ability.  It is the heart that genuinely wants to serve the interest of God. The moment God finds that in us, He begins to equip us with everything necessary, knowing that we will give without reservation when He calls for it.

This is harder than it sounds, but God works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure; if we can sincerely ask Him, He will work out this level of willingness. 

The problem is that we try to convince ourselves that we are giving our widow’s mite when it is our self-conceived excuse not to give our best or ourselves over to God. Therefore, we must quit convincing ourselves as to how much God deserves from us and instead ask Him to help us yield to Him because, ultimately, it is for our good.

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