Mothers Or Murderers? Part 2

In some parts of the world, the male gender is more celebrated at their birth than female gender. Due to this error, some children are shown love, respect and affection while the others are neglected.

She was pregnant with the fourth child after having three beautiful girls. She was hopeful and so positive that this will definitely be a boy. She couldn’t ask for the sex of the baby because it was illegal. She was so excited and always went shopping for baby boy’s clothes. 

The delivery day came and the excitement from the husband and girls was all over the place. How sweet to hold a newborn baby. Was it so for her? Absolutely not! As soon as she discovered it was a female child, she refused to hold her baby or set her eyes on this pure innocent precious soul.

Can you imagine the environment this child will grow up in? A home of little or no care and love except probably from her sisters.

It is sinful for you as a mother to show hatred, irritability or favouritism for and amongst  your children. You’re endangering your soul and the destiny of that precious seed. And God will require the blood at your hand. 

Every precious seed irrespective of the gender deserves equal unconditional love, care, affection and understanding.

No child should ever feel unloved or seek love from the home, else the child will be exposed to danger as he/she looks for love outside. When a child feels loved, it builds trust and lays the foundation for emotional stability.

A mother has a different relationship with her children from the father. Each parental role is unique and should be appreciated by both spouses. Nevertheless a mother’s role cannot be replaced. A mother’s love gives emotional stability and spiritual coverage. 

We cannot underestimate the value and role of a mother’s love. A mother’s love becomes a strong influence over a child. That is why no mother should toil with training and building their children from the foundation. Once you’re able as a mother to influence your children positively, the next generation (which they are) is influenced.

Training and building up a child isn’t mechanical. Every mother must be intentional about it. As mothers if your children are the only ones you won for God, it’s worth it. 

It is only a wise and intentional mother that can build her children.

◾Build and train them into love. 

◾Build and train them into respect,

◾Build and train them into compassion,

◾Build and train them into humility,

◾Build and train them into honesty,

◾Build and train them into self worth,

◾Build and train them into their skills/talent(s),

◾Build and train them into God above all.

In the next article, we will elaborate on the above points.

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