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In, Yet Shut Out.

Unfortunately, we still have people who speak against God’s chosen vessel. They may do it in secret or openly. They do this for reasons such as age, race, status, envy, or even because they are from a different denomination of worship. However, none of these can be a justifiable reason before God.

Featured, Gracious Women

Shame For Glory

Do you find yourself to be in this situation? You need to open up to God and ask him to grant your home restoration even if it means subjecting you to shame. That is a prayer of sincerity. It means you’re still interested in making that marriage work.

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Anger; The Way Out. Part 2

After creating humans, God gave them a great treasure called the WILL, He also gave them the POWER To control that WILL. The ability to decide to do or not to do a thing. The devil is aware of this. So what he does, is that he manipulates the minds of his victims by injecting defeat and slavery into it. He rejoices when he knows and sees you’re his captive.

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The Beast

Have you ever done or said something in anger or do you know any who has taken an action while angry?
What happens afterwards?
Nothing but Regrets! Regrets! Regrets!

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Marriage Is For Sharers

Most marriages are shattered because of a continuous practice of selfishness and a lot of
young people are unaware of this deadly disease.
Selfishness is rude and deadly. It breeds ingratitude, prioritises oneself, doesn’t accept
mistakes, lack of understanding, taking all decisions by themselves, hurt, disrespect and

Featured, Gracious Women, TeenSpace

In His Will ( Note To Singles)

If you are a person of purpose and you go as far as finding a life partner who has little or no connection with your purpose, thinking to intimate him/her when the time comes, then you haven’t any vision attached to your purpose. Why? If the goal is not met, of what use is the purpose?

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