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God Speaks Always.

When I was in high school, my physics teacher always told us a story about his times and adventures as a young student.  

As a young boy, he liked to party with his friends, and late at night, they would sneak out of the hostel. They listened to the sound of music and tried to follow it, but he found out that the music seemed to be coming from somewhere else, and they would turn to that direction only to find out that it seemed to be coming from yet another direction. That made them roam around throughout the night, sometimes not being able to find out where the sound was coming from. 

What is this teaching us? 

The music was always there even when they couldn’t find it. But unfortunately, my teacher was the one who could not locate the sound. Not that the music was not real. 

This is the same case with the voice of God. God speaks very often, in fact, always. It is left for us to hear his voice, but it becomes difficult to listen to Him or locate His voice when we are far from him. It doesn’t mean that God does not speak to us or that His voice is not authentic. However, the distance we have created makes it difficult for us to hear His voice. 

Like my physics teacher, when we draw close in the right direction, the voice gets more precise and explicit.

And what are the reasons why we don’t hear from God often?

1. When we don’t have a relationship with Him. 

If I may ask, do you confide in anyone you don’t know or trust? How do we expect God to open up directly to us when we haven’t earned His Trust? 

If we must hear him clearly, we must establish a strong relationship with Him. We must try our best to earn His Trust through total obedience, and when we open our hearts and allow this relationship to build, we can hear Him more clearly and accurately. 

2. Being carried away by every wind of doctrine. 

You won’t be able to ascertain the truth when you leave the original source to listen to different versions of it. God could be speaking to you, but you might miss out on His voice if you’re too busy listening to every other person. Therefore, to know His voice and understand which is the truth, we must dedicate ourselves to studying (not just reading) His word.

3. Allowing our minds to be addled and cluttered by negativity, anger, envy, hatred, fears, faithlessness, etc. 

These block the channels through which we hear God, and hence no matter how loud He speaks, we can’t listen to Him. So to hear from God, we must allow Him to work in us and take away the traits of all the above mentioned.

 We must allow his peace to reign in us. That way, we will be at peace with Him, and we will be able to hear Him when He speaks to us.

The voice of God is on the frequency of the Holy Spirit. Our job is to tune into the Holy Spirit’s frequency, and we will hear his voice loud and clear. 

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