Not All Jokes Are Jokes!

A sign of growth and progress is that you’re able to apologise to any person when you are wrong, and you are especially sensitive to the Spirit of God.

It was a beautiful Sunday service, and the first Sunday of the year. People were testifying of God’s faithfulness and goodness to them.

The last testifier was the senior Pastor of the church. He told the church of how his children had come to him telling him what they needed in the house. But he didn’t have the money to buy it, so he started praying for God to provide the money.

One of the days, his “parasites” still reminded him of what they had told him and he assured them soon he would get it for them.

But to his surprise, on 31st of December someone visited the house with exactly double of what his children (whom he ‘jokingly’ called parasites) had made a request from him. He thanked God for answering his prayer just in time.
The church clapped their hands to God in appreciation.

After the choir ministration, it was time for sermon by the same senior Pastor. As he approached the altar, he was crying out loud and sobbing. The church were surprised as to what was happening to their Pastor.

When he finally got to the altar, he knelt before the church and asked for forgiveness from his children.
The senior Pastor told the church that immediately he returned to his seat after sharing his testimony, the Holy Spirit told him he had erred.
How dare he call Children given to him by God ‘parasites’! There are jokes that grief God.

The Holy Spirit went ahead to tell him since he called his children parasites in the public, he should apologise to them in public.

He was broken and asked God for forgiveness and knelt before his children and the congregation asking for forgiveness. He said the Holy Spirit said that no one shouldn’t joke with such a thing.

There are jokes that are grieving to The Holy Spirit. But you can only know when you’re in a relationship with Him and are sensitive too.
Not all jokes are jokes, some are grief!

In all we do, have the Spirit of God right inside of you.

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