Dear Parent, You Can Avoid It.

Education is not narrowed down to the four walls of a building as claimed and preached by many. Education is broad because it cuts across all areas of life and is not narrowed alone to a career path. It includes socially, mentally, financially, maritally, and most importantly, spiritually. 

Recently, I observed how the claimed educated talk and look down on their fellow human beings. 

I shunned a lady who spoke so harshly to a man old enough to be her father. I insisted she apologizes to him. And the reason she had the boldness to talk to him rudely was because of his status. He’s a security man.

I also remembered an incident that happened before me while growing up. I think I was 13 years old. My family (Dad, Mum, and children) went to a church program, and something happened during one of the break times.

I came to get something downstairs when I encountered a child like me who I was older than. She brought a food flask, handed it over to their driver, and commanded him to wash it. The driver collected the flask from her immediately.

As a child, I was so surprised and knew it was terrible that I quickly ran upstairs and told my parents and siblings what I saw. I reported the matter in disgust that my parents needed not to say anything because I now believe in their minds; they were happy that I knew it was rude and disrespectful to talk to someone older irrespective of their status.

Parents, there are values that the four walls of a building can never render to your children that only your parenting can. And if you miss giving your precious ones these core values, they become a nuisance to you, the people around you, and even themselves.

Dear Parents, teach your children respect, empathy, sympathy, love, honesty, God, and good things to learn. 

Use the rod where necessary, and don’t forget, the Word of God and your words are rod. Do not spare the rod; you will live and have a spoilt child(ren).

If your child(ren) already has such a trait, please caution immediately and repeatedly whenever it occurs.

Children’s first education must come from their first teacher – the parents. 

If this stage of education is downplayed, then parents should be ready to dance to the beating of the drum—the beats of regrets, pain, shame, and tears.

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