License to Perfection

Have you ever been asked by anyone about your ideal husband? I presume the answer would be yes. The qualities of your ideal husband is simply a man of perfection both in principles and practice.

Are there perfect men? No! But can there be a perfect marriage? 100% yes.

A perfect marriage isn’t a marriage that is void of offences but a perfect marriage is a marriage where the couple look inward.

Women crave, desire and pray for an ideal husband with gracious qualities but, so many forget to work on themselves  on being that ideal perfect wife to this ideal husband. 

The only key to unlock a perfect marriage is called “look inward.”

A perfect example is a true story of a couple who have been regretfully enduring each other for years and were even contemplating for a divorce since nothing was working out well. One of the days they were invited by a friend of theirs to their apartment unknown to them of their friends’ marital challenges.

While seated in the sitting room, the couple were preparing a cup of coffee. The wife kept the tray of the coffee on a stool. Unknown to her husband, he mistakenly hit the stool and everything fell on the ground, spilled and broke.

Immediately, the couple began apologizing to each other and blaming themselves for their oversight. This other visiting couple were dazed at such overwhelming personalities towards each other.

In the above example used, was there a stepping on toes? Yes, there was. The husband should have blamed his wife for not keeping the tray where it can be seen. The wife could have also blamed the husband for not being careful and observant while walking to the kitchen.

They both looked inward and took the blame rightfully. 

Enough of women studying and researching on how a man should love rather than studying and researching how a woman should be submissive.

Looking inward is a permanent license to perfection.

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