Mothers, First Influencers To Their Child(ren) Pt. 2

Who is a Mother? 

Mothers are women through whom children live. These children may or may not necessarily refer to their biological offspring. 

Who is an Influencer? 

An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.

A mother has the God given power to affect her child(ren) through her position, authority, knowledge and relationship with them. She is an Influencer. 

A mother is any woman who is responsible for a child’s survival, learning and development. 

Being a mother is a gift and an assignment. A gift because you don’t deserve it but out of God’s mercy He gave you a soul. An assignment because it’s a soul you will give account of. 

Mothers, you are the first god that must link your child(ren) to God. 

You are the first god that must link them to God. Failure to do that means failure in your number one most important assignment. How do you start a building without laying the foundation? 

Many mothers delegate this part of linking their children to God to the hands of the children teachers in their various denominational ministries. They rather do a follow up on the child(ren). 

If you fail to first link that child of yours to God, know that you have started a building without a foundation. 

The foundation of any Christian home is God and the foundation of any Child from such home should be God. 

Mothers these days are so career driven that they forget to drive their children into God purpose for them. That’s why we have a dysfunctional system and society. We have many failed mothers. 

Linking your child(ren) to God is an assignment that you must keep doing until you are successful in it or die while doing it. It is a life-time assignment. 

When you start early, you will not eat the bread of sorrow. 

Don’t forget, children learn by observation. Your actions must be in line with what you tell them. 

You may wonder as you read this article because you started the linking right from when the child was in the womb and was born. And has grown into a youth or adult yet has not been linked to God? Do you know that life is spiritual and a life battle? You don’t give up at the forefront of a battle. You keep fighting on your knees till you win. 

A mother is not a knockout engine. She keeps moving until she reaches her destination. 

Are you a young mum? Start now to link your precious gifts to God to avoid had I known.

Are you an old mum who forgot to do this assignment? Ask God for mercy and fight the battle on your knees. 

How do you link them to God? 

  • Get them their own Bibles. 
  • Read it out loud and discuss the Word of God to them everyday. 
  • Pray with them everyday. 
  • Pray in your closet for them. 
  • Fast regularly on behalf of these precious gifts. 

You must have time now to link them up, else the future will save time for you to weep and regret. 

God bless you. 

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