Sensitivity To God

In my walk with God, I have found out that God just goes on doing things. He has a program for each person and each situation and that program just goes on even without our permission. Of course He does not need our permission to carry out His doings but I can tell you this, He tries not to take us by surprise sometimes.

God knows that He cannot be hindered and so tries to prepare our hearts or even give us a head start knowledge so that we do not feel left out. But there is one major drawback here….our sensitivity to Him.

Once we become sensitive to God we come to realize that doing so benefits us more than it does Him. as much as we know His mind, there is an intimate part of Him that communicates with us deeply.

Noah knew this part of God(Gen 6:8)
Abraham knew this part of God,
Moses experienced this part of God, so did, little Joseph, David, The prophets and Daniel.
JESUS also knew this part of His father.

The problem is that as the years go by, mankind generally started developing this long distant relationship with God. The enemy, through us (man) developed series of activities that has kept us busy and less attentive to God.

In the process, we are losing the level of attention and sensitivity it takes to communicate deeply with God, and as a result, we only get surface information from Him and sometimes when it’s too late.

And we end up blaming God for certain unfortunate circumstances.

Asaph, the psalmist was almost a victim of wrong impression until he drew closer to God(Psalm 73:2).
God does not fail in His duties and so is not responsible for our ignorance. We owe it to ourselves to draw close to Him and know His mind for us and for every situation. He answers whoever sincerely seeks Him(Psalm 145:18)

Many of us have missed out on God given opportunities to change our lives greatly because of our insensitivity and consequently lack of preparedness.
Many of us would have gone far in life if only we were attentive to God’s directions.

Also many of us have blamed God for some misfortune that could have been avoided if we were sensitive enough to hear Him warning us.

In the end, being alert and sensitive to God stands to benefit us more than it does Him. And in knowing this, we must always prepare our hearts and make it a habitable place for God.

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