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The Beast

Have you ever done or said something in anger or do you know any who has taken an action while angry?
What happens afterwards?
Nothing but Regrets! Regrets! Regrets!

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When we are not careful to keep track of all the things, we lose our minds.They sit in our mind and occupy the spaces making it difficult for us to find out what really matters to us.
When we keep all kinds of things in our mind we spread ourselves too thin that we spend less time with what actually matters to us.

Gracious Women, TeenSpace

The Power of The Thought

As Children of God, we’re most privileged to have a book that is a compass which can lead anyone to a fulfilled and blessed life. It’s a complete book that contains everything about life and eternity. It’s The Holy Bible.

Gracious Women, TeenSpace


The Holy Spirit is capable of doing the extraordinary in a believer’s life through the Word of God. Nevertheless, the Word of God concerning you is the bottom-line.

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