The Wedding Dresss. Part 1

Wedding day is a very memorable event for every couple, it’s a day filled with joy and excitement for them, especially the bride.

While I was preparing for my marriage and wedding day, my mind was also centered on my wedding dress. I wanted my wedding dress to be so beautifully made with the perfect color combinations I had selected, and well fitted with no imperfections registered.

Occasionally, I would call the fashion designer to ask her about my wedding dress because I wanted something perfect for me and my day. Her replies were always positive. This alone gave me hope and joy. I gave her number no rest with my calls until my dress was delivered.

No woman will just want to go with any shabby dress to a wedding ceremony let alone her wedding day. We take time checking out good designs for our dress. We sometimes buy wedding dresses that are already perfectly made by good designers. Sometimes we buy the material and give it to a designer that is good at sewing.

We go extra in putting on a good hair style, getting new accessories and perfume, new footwear, new inner wears and most ladies clean up.

We prepare and put so much effort on our attires and ourselves because we just want the day to be perfect and filled with joy.

While looking good is good, being a better person by the day is best.

The energy, time and money you put into preparation for your wedding should equally be into preparation for the marriage.

After the wedding comes marriage. Work on your character daily and keep praying for yourself until you become more beautiful than your wedding dress. No man wants to be married to a beautiful wedding dress but a beautiful woman whose beauty radiates from the inside.

Add value to yourself mentally, financially, spiritually and skillfully through studying good books and seminars, being resourceful financially, spiritual exercise, learning positive lessons from the experiences of others and by asking questions from people.

No one knows you better than you know yourself. You know if you’re a bitter, lazy, indisciplined, materialistic, dirty or angry person. You also know if you’re loving, respectful, gracious in words, kind or patient.

Many married women entered unprepared. They were in a rush to enter the school of marriage without proper orientation and now are in a rush to get out.

They prepare so much for their wedding and never prepared for the marriage. So much energy and money was invested in the event.

The main destroyer of marriage is a lack of good character.

Few months ago, I met a woman with children who was having issues in her marriage and the home has been joyless for years. Hatred, lies, unforgiveness, trust issues, abusive words, anger, nagging, pride were the order of the day in the marriage.

They both needed peace in the home but were not ready to sacrifice self for peace. No one wants to submit. None were ready to play a fools part.

So I asked her one day, how prepared she was before getting married. She began telling me how she ordered a beautiful wedding dress and also bought lots of ‘sexy’ innerwears for the marriage and how she was determined to satisfy her husband in bed.

Ha! I immediately shunned and told her she was never prepared.

Please dear singles, do not be deceived. There are more requirements in keeping a marriage than love making.
Love making is just an ingredient out of many ingredients required in a marriage. If you go with just this one ingredient, the marriage will definitely fall.

As you prepare to look good in your wedding dress, prepare more to be a better woman of character, charisma and inner beauty.

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