Irrecoverable Mistake

Talk about intelligence, industriousness, height, character, spiritual prowess, Lucy had it all. She had given her life to Christ as a teenager. She suffered persecution from her family, especially her Mom.

You know, there’s always a special kind of love and bond between fathers and their first daughters so Lucy’s father’s love towards her was expected. Although he wasn’t happy with her new found faith nevertheless, his love for her was intact.

As she grew in faith, she was appointed to be amongst the deliverance team and women squad. Lucy was a fire brand and an encouragement to her leaders and newcomers. She was a delight and a comfort to the body of Christ.

As she grew in faith, she also grew into a young marriageable lady. Years into faith, she became a desired person that some brothers wanted for a wife. She declined all the marriage proposals and left for school for her first degree.

As a student, Lucy was also working to earn herself some money because she was an industrious being and she was making cool cash in the part-time job she took. Three years later, another marriage proposal was onboard. Lucy gave her consent and she was so happy because this is someone she loved to be with.

The courtship began and it was an exciting moment for them both. But one of the days, she was moved to seek the face of God afresh on her to-be marriage.

She travelled for 2 weeks away from her school city. During these 2 weeks, she locked herself in and never came out. She was praying daily. One of the days, she had a dream that signaled her danger. At this point she was confused because she was never expecting a negative sign.

She placed a call to her senior Pastor and shared her experience with him. The Pastor spoke her out of that experience and told her it can’t be from God because the brother in question has a ‘Christlike’ nature and is also a dedicated brother. She called yet another Pastor of hers and the same counsel was dished out.

Lucy at this point took the advice of her Pastors because she felt they knew more than her and heard from God more clearly than her. And that they were also in a position to tell her what to do and what not to do concerning her marriage.

Few months later, D-Day came with celebration. After the wedding, they headed home. The next thing that happened was a shock.

She suggested they prayed and thanked God for a successful day. He immediately told her, not in this house.
She got goosebumps on hearing that.
He also added by telling her, no prayer and no sex in this house. That was when she got to know he was diabolical.

She cried her eyes out but it was too late. At this point, her Pastors could only be praying for her.
When she couldn’t help herself anymore, she had to separate from him.
14years now and nothing has changed.

No man knows another man better than God and none knows the future but God.

When it comes to whom to marry, take all the counsels but make the decision yourself and please allow God to take the lead.

Are you a marriage counselor, parents, leader or friend? Please do not make marriage decisions for anyone. You can sincerely guide them with words of wisdom and prayer.

Some mistakes are irrecoverable and time doesn’t heal the wounds.


  • Nwaizu Amaka January 13, 2023

    The sum up of it all is to build a working relationship with God and know how and when he speaks to you through which costly and unprintable mistakes can be averted.

  • Ezeh Confidence January 13, 2023

    The best thing to do is to seek God’s face and opinion in all.
    Though it’s ok to take counsel from our pastor but learn to know God on her a personal note.
    I pray that God will help us that are yet to marry to make the right decision

  • Pastor Sunday Eleje January 13, 2023

    It does pay handsomely to be sensitive, and sincere when dealing with God; that’s, when one is a child of God.
    If Lucy missed the will of God for her from those she turned down earlier, that’s like a slight on God. And whatever anyone sows, they reap.
    The bottom line is, please don’t treat or regard the only Almighty like you do mortals.
    And when you hear from God, you’re at liberty to seek confirmation like Gideon, Manoah, Abraham, Peter, did. Seeking guidance from trusted servants of God is also not a bad thing to do. It’s just that some times God may answer us according to the idol in our heart.

    It’s well.

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