Don’t Limit His Will

I listened to a life testimony of a young woman who is a wife and a mother. She had sought for admission into the University for many years to study a particular course and had never been successful despite her wonderful results.

During the 7th year of her search, she heard a small still voice saying to her to apply for a particular course. She affirmed it was God since she knew how He communicates to her. She applied and guess what? She got admitted into the University after 7 years of trying and waiting.

Recently, a young lady who is aspiring to get married asked a question, how can I know God’s will for me in marriage? Different answers came running to her. I bet you she will be confused the more.

If you can’t know the will of God for your life in other areas, then you can’t know His will for you in marriage except if His mercy prevails.

Today, everyone is chasing money, fame and career but only a few, are chasing God.

Marriage is not the ultimate of one’s life but knowing and being in God’s will at all times is.

You can know the will of God for you regarding that course you want to study, that friendship you want to keep, that job you’re in need of, that journey you want to make, that visitation you are looking forward to, that type of car you want to buy etc

The will of God is not limited to marriages alone.

I remember a few years ago I began making a sincere prayer. I usually was a person with many friends which made my Dad wonder at me. But a few years ago when I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I knew that those friendships were not what I needed. I began to pray that God should handpick my friends. And He did. Till today the prayer is still relevant.

Knowing the will of God concerning everything does not make you an unintelligent person but rather a wise intelligible being.

God’s direction in your life pursuit is better than speed.

If you limit God’s will for you to be in marriage alone, you will limit yourself from living a purposeful life.

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