Caught in The Avalanche

It was her engagement day and her friends were trying to help her get dressed up for the occasion. Everyone had their own idea of what would look beautiful on her and sure did everyone try to contribute. I watched closely as her excitement turned into frustration. Everyone wanted to get their opinion across and it led to arguments. And it was time to make her first appearance as the bride to do.
At the peak of the argument she lashed out out of frustration:’just let me be, I am going with this style!’. As though a whistle was blown, everyone went silent.
And off she went.
An avalanche is a kind of natural disaster where a large mass of snow, rocks or sand slide down a steep land, usually a mountain or hill.
One thing about an avalanche is that it sweeps off anything that is not strongly situated along its path. Sounds familiar with the story? Not yet?
Okay let me explain.
The multitudes of opinions around her and around you, trying to sweep you off what you have always known. Most people are trying so hard to stand but here comes this terrible, heavy, fast-flowing avalanche of other people’s opinions shaking them at the very core of their beliefs.
But know this;
Above this very avalanche hangs a very solid branch called conviction. It is there for you but you have the option of holding unto it until the fleeting avalanche is gone, or letting go and getting swept off and buried in it. Yes be sure that it will bury you because it almost always moves with a load of nonsense. And soon, you and your identity would be buried.
But if you can hold on, it will surely pass. It doesn’t last long, once you are unyielding, they will stop.
Many people are victims of this avalanche of unfiltered opinions telling them;
-You will fail because many have tried and failed
-You are too insignificant
-you are not good enough
-Your situation is beyond repair.
Hold onto that solid branch and pull yourself up to the safety of God’s voice promising you that with Him, all things are possible.

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