Praying Amiss Yet Blaming God

O how we often accuse God for our unanswered prayers, not realizing we prayed amiss. The scriptures of truth clearly warn us against praying amiss.

What does it mean to pray amiss?

It simply means praying outside the will of God or praying contrary to God’s will for you.

As humans, we are limited, and because we are limited, we don’t have full knowledge of all our needs. Even the devil and his agents are also limited. The only unlimited One in power, knowledge, wisdom and understanding is God.

All we want and need are naked before Him. He knows them, and He does not replace our want for need. But we are so limited in knowledge that sometimes what we think is our most pressing need is simply not a need but a want.

You may ask, what is the difference between want and need?

Your need as a person is something that is paramount, of great importance, of priority before another.

While your want, when placed side by side to your need, may be something you can forgo because it is not as important as your need.

She had been brought in for a deliverance program. Her oppression in the hand of the devil was so real. The deliverance ministers began the warfare of deliverance on her. They toiled and toiled for a pace of 30 – 45 minutes yet, she was not delivered.

He stopped praying and left his fellow deliverance ministers at the scene. He went to the staircase and decided to have a chat with God. He inquired from God why her deliverance was delayed?

God was so gracious and gave Him a reply instantly.

God immediately told him ‘she has no part in me and as a result they (deliverance ministers) were praying amiss. She rather needs my mercy, so ask for mercy.’

After the voice stopped speaking, he stood up from the staircase where he sat and headed straight to the deliverance scene having gotten the key. As he got there, he made known to his fellow ministers his experience and the prayer to God changed immediately.

As they began to plead with the Lord for mercy on the young lady, immediately, there was a response from heaven. The atmosphere was charged and changed, and within a short time, the young lady was delivered.

They got the right key.

Praying amiss has deprived us from a lot of opportunities, favour, deliverance and peace.

It may not be the healing you need now but God’s mercy.

It may not be that connection you need now but God’s mercy.

It may not be that job you need now but God’s mercy.

It may not be that opportunity you need now but God’s mercy.

It may not be that promotion you need now but God’s mercy.

It may not be a husband/wife you need now but God’s mercy.

It may not be children you need now but God’s mercy.

It may not be that contract you need now but God’s mercy.

It’s not all delayed prayer that we should blame the Lord and think He’s trying to teach us patience or perseverance.

Have you been toiling in prayer without success? You may be praying amiss.

The mercy of God cannot be overemphasized because His mercies are new every morning.

As you pray, ask the Lord to open your eyes and whisper to you your needs so that you can pray appropriately.

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