The Other Option

When I am unhappy with someone, (the kind of unhappiness that makes you more angry with yourself than the other person), you begin to tell yourself that all these offenses or insults would not have arisen if you had respected yourself and stayed in your place.

Usually in this state of mind, I start taking decisions that I believe will prevent such events from recurring in the future. I start to prepare responses and arguments that I will use to counter it should it happen again. Different arguments keep coming up, each as reasonable or even more reasonable than the last.

The arguments never stop coming. And anytime I remember what happened, a fresh argument comes to my mind, a very reasonable one.
This would go on and on for a very long time and for all these times, my mind would have no rest.

On this particular day, I was already saturated with different arguments and ready, but my “adversary” had a slight misfortune and was not in a good situation. Instinctively, I was moved for the person and sympathized. Amid the mixed feeling, I reached out.

I got the biggest surprise of that day. As though a solid melted, I felt all the animosity and indignation dissolve, with immediate effect. As soon as it happened, it was as though my eyes were opened and I began to see the different ways the matter could be resolved without argument.

One little act of kindness made the difference.

You see, most times we believe that an act of kindness benefits only the person it is being offered to, but we never know how far it can go to benefit us. It is the best conflict resolution tool.

An act of kindness is an action that speaks louder than a thousand words of reasoning. It speaks only positive languages of peace, love and unity, it never speaks of negativity.

When between you and someone, words don’t agree and the distance is far, an act of kindness will build a bridge and unite you again.
It can open your eyes to see different ways you can resolve issues and love will still prevail.

In the midst of an argument or offence or conflict, when words and reasoning fail, do not be in a hurry to react, instead try a little bit of kindness and you will see what a lifter it can be to you.
Kindness is your other option. Try it.

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