Parents, Beware!!

In most families today, there are a lot of issues that have and are affecting the bond in a family. Parents are so busy attending to other things and other people that they barely have time for their family.

A man said, his wife has never been the first to apologize to him even when she’s wrong because she’s too proud.

A woman complained that her husband gives more attention to outsiders than to her.

Someone else said , “my father is not my father but God because he never has time for us to discuss like father like son.”

Another said “my father is my benefactor because he’s always busy for others and barely has time for me.”

Some parents complain that their children are inconsiderate.

The reason we have a sick society, is because of the increase of sick marriages. And when a marriage is sick, the children will be sick as well.

Communication is a two way thing. As you commune to your spouse, children or sibling, be patient and listen to them commune back to you.
As you bond with them they bond with you.

From today sacrifice your ego, resources and most especially time to God and the precious souls within your household and watch your experience peace and God’s unending blessing.

Sacrifice is a sign of love, commitment and dedication.

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