Don’t Ply The Road Of Regret

They were not only sisters by blood but friends. Their friendship grew stronger even after they both had become grandmothers. They visit each other once or twice every week. The elder sister Mrs Veronica was not regenerated but the younger sister Mrs Elizabeth is.

Mrs Elizabeth had always had health issues over the years, and had been on medication. From time to time, prayers were made for her. After sometime she bounces back to health.

Mrs Veronica: Lizzy, please come to my house, I want to see you.

Mrs Elizabeth: Sister, any problem?

Mrs Veronica: Nothing serious. My head is just aching.

Mrs Elizabeth: You need a rest sister. Take enough rest. I will come on Monday because I have a women’s convention to attend and I will be ministering.

Mrs Veronica: Ok dear. See you soon. Take care.

While she was preparing for the convention, she had a very strong urge to go visit her sister and lead her to Christ. But she felt she had no time to do so until she returned from the convention.

Her elder sister called her again and requested she came before Monday. She accepted and promised that as soon as she returned from the trip on Sunday, she would pay her a visit that Sunday.

She set out for the convention on Saturday and on Sunday morning, she received a call from her niece informing her that her sister had passed away.

She couldn’t believe what she heard. She wasn’t sick, she only complained of her head aching. She hurriedly returned and met the corpse of her elder sister.

She wept and wept with so much pain and regrets. The opportunity to lead her sister to Jesus was lost forever.

Lesson learnt: Never postpone for tomorrow what you can do today especially when someone’s life and eternity is involved.

A soul is more precious to God than a convention.

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