The Hostile World (A Life Experience)

Well did the book of proverb say in the twenty-second chapter concerning laying a pattern of upbringing for our children and wards to follow and be accustomed to, to the end that they may not only be confident but also function in the capacity of the realities exposed to them (Proverb 22:6).

I met a young man who should probably be in his late thirties. He was called by his name, which denoted he was a christian but he quickly reprimanded the individual who called him by that name and he replied that individual with “my name is……….” which denoted another religious background.

At this point I became interested to know what exactly got him infuriated. He perhaps saw the need to make everyone understand him, so there wouldn’t be a recurrence. A colleague then asked him about his conversion to the other religion and he answered thus.

“I was born and brought up in a geographical location where a very large number of people are of my new religion.
My friends were all of the same religion.
We did everything together, We played football, went to school together, I visited them and ate together with them. I watched them do a pattern of prayer always, of which I would stand aloof and observe.
Before I knew it, I started practicing some of those things with them while I still lived with my christian parents. They knew about my association, but didn’t see anything wrong with those friends of mine and so I didn’t refrain from giving the friendship my best.
Their parents would always accept me with open hands and so I had no issue visiting at any time.

Soon, I started telling lies to my parents just so I can go observe the prayer with my friends.

It didn’t take time, a lot started changing in me.
Many times my mom had heard me make a pattern of prayer different from ours while wanting to eat but she’d ignore me. One day she asked me why I was making a different kind of prsyer, I told her I was only kidding and she said nothing.

Gradually I lost interest in the religion of my parents and I lost the few things I had learned.
I found myself developing so much pleasure and passion for the other way of life in contrast to what I’ve been taught at home.

It didn’t take time, I became a grown young man who could decide what he wanted, so I totally yielded myself to the other side with no iota of fear.
I had chosen that path!

I had changed my christian name to another befitting my new found faith.

I got married to the daughters born into my new religion and I was bound by the things that existed in the intrinsic.

My parents did all they could at this time but I had gone too far to be moved by sentiments.

Anyone who identified me with the previous religion got me offended and so does anyone who called me by the name that denoted the former.

At this point, everything about me had changed. I became an enemy to any one who was on the side of my parents but I would gladly protect the other.

My father at a point disowned me, took me to court and did all manner of aggressive things to get me back.
None of those moved me cus I consciously chose the path I am walking”.

Dear parents,
It is of utmost importance that emphasis should be made on the fact that if you fail in the ministry of raising godly seeds, you have failed God in your primary assignment.

Children are God’s special seeds and if you’re blessed to get one from God, it is imperative that you do well to return that child to God at the end of life.

This can be done by laying a pathway for them to follow according to our lead scripture.

Never be careless or carefree in whatever God has called you to do, even if it be a bedroom assignment.

From the experience we shared, the young man’s mother handled God’s assignment with a lot of carelessness.

Your responsibility over that child is not just to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education but also to guide, lead, direct, supervise and control the soul of that child. Yes I said control.
When you have done all, there is a control centre which can be activated on your knees and carried actively by your tears.

As a mother your knees carry enough strength to tarry in prayers and intercession till the righteousness of your household goes forth as brightness.

You need to be open to God, be committed in the care of that child’s soul. God sees how much you want to return his seed back to him and then he does what no man can do in the life of that child.

Their basic needs aren’t the reason you’re in their lives, because even the sparrows do not toil yet God takes care of their basic needs.

God needs you to play a role in the life of that child that will inform his love, consecration and submission to God.

Have you taken time to find out the influence of your child’s friend in his or her life?

We must understand the great role the environment plays in the lives of our children.
They are easily affected by their environment and its stimuli.

The outside world is very hostile and wouldn’t spare the souls of the young ones who are exposed to it out of carelessness.

Check what that child is becoming fond of.
Check if his language is gradually changing,
Check where he loves to spend more time
Check what he loves doing at any slightest opportunity.
Check if the things you teach and get them exposed to are actually impactful.
Check who their friends are.

Dear parents, just keep checking. You might find what will redirect your prayer and focus.

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