Are You In This Category? Part 1

While growing up as a child, I often heard people say ‘if you point at someone for a wrong they did, your other three fingers point at you too.’

It literally means that most times the wrong we blame or keep blaming others for, we are doing the same. So, as we point ? a finger at another make sure you aren’t guilty of the same.

We often talk about the 10 virgins amongst which 5 were wise and the other 5 were foolish. The Scriptures also made known to us what made the other 5 to be addressed as foolish virgins.
Matthew 25:1-13, a scripture many knew even as children from their Sunday school.

Let’s recap about these 5 foolish virgins. They were addressed as foolish virgins because of the foolishness they exhibited.
Who comes to a function without adequate preparation?
Who appears for an examination without adequate preparation?

The foolish virgins knew the function they will be attending requires lamp and oil yet, they still went unprepared. They desired oil only when their lamps were gone out.

Hey! Wait! I know you are about to blame them and even say the name ‘foolish’ fits them. I had also blamed them until the Holy Spirit made me know a good number of people who carry the tag Christian are like the foolish virgins and if not properly prepared will miss His hour of visitation. We have five (5) categories of foolish virgins.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit, each category will be dissected one by one.

As a Mother: you have all it takes to invest in your child(ren). To teach them good morals and godliness, home making, pray with them and for them, instill respect, humility and discipline with regards to education and life, play with them, utilizing all their stages and phases.

Life’s a stage that comes with different phases. Failure to know the times and seasons leads to pain, regret, depression and finally death if an early rescue isn’t done.

Don’t give the excuse you aren’t educated enough or you lack the time or energy.

Sometimes, most mothers complain they have no time for such. But guess what! They do have plenty of time when the oil is gone. When that child becomes a nuisance to you and the society, the time to purchase an oil will come.

They run from pillar to post looking for help both physical and spiritual. That’s when they realize they need God and His attention. During such a time, the warriors in them manifest and they hold night prayers frequently. They become so humble to listen and learn from people who can help them.

Who is a Mother?

M = She is Mindful of her children, both in words and actions.

O = She Organizes her household what they eat, put on and also keeps the home neat.

T = She’s a Teacher of godliness, morals, career path and anything good.

H = She’s fully aware that being Humorous is a way of bringing fun, laughter and smiles to the home. She has a fun time too.

E = She’s Elegant Always looking graceful in appearance and manner and replicating the same in her children.

R = She is very much aware that children don’t only learn by what you tell them but mostly by what they observe you do. So she lives a Responsible life.

Carrying out your God-given assignments requires you to be steady on the One who gave you those precious souls. He has and knows the manual and key for every seed given to you.

Is your oil of righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Ghost gone? You can refill now while we still expect the coming of the bridegroom.
Don’t sleep anymore else He comes and shuts the door behind you.

Your soul is too precious. Don’t lose your soul and that of your children because of laziness, sleep and excuses.

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