Does A Perfect Courtship Produce A Perfect Marriage?

Mr P is a Pastor, an Architect by profession, handsome, gentle and understanding while Ms B, a devoted worker in the church, a Software Developer by profession, beautiful and loving. They were both admired by everyone.

Shortly, Pastor P, showed his interest in marriage towards Sis B. And with the guidance of the marriage committee and parents, they began their courtship. They had the perfect courtship. Things were discussed and there was no issue whatsoever during the courtship.

After courtship, they both were more delighted in each other so they proceeded in the next stage of sealing it in marriage. Date was fixed and everyone who heard about the wedding between Pastor P and Sis B we’re extremely happy for them because they were seen as a perfect match.

The D day came, Pastor P looking extremely handsome and joyful, and Sis B looking gorgeously beautiful and joyful. These ones will definitely be love birds and make a perfect marriage. Their altar for God will be burning and glowing. The devil is in trouble because these two who were to become one were spiritually fire.

In a twinkling of an eye wedding was over and marriage life set in. After the wedding comes marriage. They moved from the reception ground to the hotel room booked for their honeymoon. As they got in they prayed and thanked the Lord.

Moments later, Sis B wanting to approach her husband for a kiss got the shock of her life. He told her she was promiscuous and that she should hold herself. That was the beginning of problems in the marriage from that day. 6 years in marriage and still daily misunderstanding.

Were they both born again? Yes!
Were they perfect? No!
Did they have the best courtship? Yes!
So, what went wrong?

I’ve heard most people place so much emphasis on courtship before marriage. They say how you need to be intentional and observant during courtship. They put so much emphasis on the fact that the intending couple should ask all the questions they need to ask each other.

Does a perfect courtship produce perfect marriage?

When you rely on your perfect courtship with your partner then, that’s the beginning of failure in your marriage. Because a perfect courtship does not and cannot produce a perfect marriage. Circumstances, children, challenges can influence anyone positively or negatively.

Question: What gives birth to a perfect marriage?

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