The Doctor In You.

Do you know medical practitioners are one of the world’s most recognised and important people? Nations and hospitals are seeking after them. They know they are sought after and valued. They understand that every life depends on them.

Everyone prays and desires to be healthy. The rich can give up their riches to stay healthy. At that moment, they realise that the real wealth is health.

A few months ago, a woman told me of a stranger she helped with her children. They were homeless in the cold, and she took them in, ignorant of who they were. Her heart went out to the two little children especially. She housed them for more than three months before they could secure a place.

I marvelled and still do whenever I remember such gracious acts.

A beautiful young lady had some reactions in her private part as a result of infection from the unkept public toilet in the hostel. She had gone to the hospital when the itching persisted, and the doctor prescribed some medications and instructed her to get a new set of inner wears as she treats herself.

At that time, she was going through some financial difficulties. Her friend helped her out and told her to forget about the refund.

We know of the famous centurion in the bible, Cornelius. In the Scriptures of truth, we were told how he gave much alms to the people… Acts 10.

Apostle Paul preached everywhere and was ready to die to save souls from hell.

Our Lord Jesus Christ healed, delivered, preached, and even died to save all men.

These people were simply doctors who saved lives in different circumstances physically and spiritually.

A doctor or a nurse isn’t just one who is found in a building with scrubs. They are savers of life in and outside the building.

You are a doctor.

Help someone today.

Help someone tomorrow.

Help someone always.

You’re born to save lives, not sink lives.

God takes notes of every detail.

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