Your True Identity

I cried and cried so much because I knew I was broken and needed fixing. I prayed to God to fix me because I didn’t like the way I was. I wanted to become better, and better was a particular image I had in my head. So I kept calling on God to come and fix me.

Then I heard His voice within me. It was gentle but cold, as unhappy as it was filled with calmness and love, and He asked;
“But who said you were broken? Why do you choose to see yourself differently from the way I see you? How can I work on you seeing that we are not even on the same page? How then will you recognize and appreciate what I have done in you?

Are you there and like me you feel broken, or worse still, you feel like you are beyond repair? Hear God’s voice to you above yours. God did not create any broken person, He created everything in the way He believes is good. If He believes in what He has made, why then are you finding it hard to believe in yourself and in Him?

The way you are, was specifically made by God to fulfill a very beautiful purpose on this Earth and only through partnership with God can you reveal it.

You feel this way because you aligned in partnership with self and your environment and then made the wrong choices and got yourself into situations that have beclouded the person God has made you to be.

As a result, you alienated yourself from God. But believe me, God knows who he originally made you to be and looks at you only from that standpoint, and that is why He never gives up on you, with the hope that you come to Him.

While you draw close, He rids you of every stain and imperfection and when all these are dealt with, then the fullness of what God has put inside you will be revealed.

You embrace your true nature only by drawing closer to God, not by walking away from him in the shadow of guilt. The you that you meet when you are far from God will never be good enough.

So whenever you feel broken, if you must wander, please roam about the throne of grace for no one who roams around the throne of grace remains a non-entity.

Also, knowing that your mind, which is the center of your growth, listens to you, you must see to it that your words align with God’s through strong pursuit of His Word. Let it be that when your mind hears you, it hears God. Make the Bible your constitution and do not believe any other thing outside the Word of God.

Do this and find peace.

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