Your Number One Priority

I watched a short clip over and over again that left me thinking throughout the day. The short clip is about 30 seconds but the message is richer than $30 million.

Everyone on this planet has a God given assignment that needs to be done and dusted. Failure to do your assignment means fulfilling a wasted life.

But the irony of this is that most people don’t even know their assignments let alone working towards fulfilling them.

As I write this article, I’m literally tense because the time is very short and the majority are unaware or care-less. Unaware that the time is short or their time on earth is short.

This life is temporary but there’s a life that is everlasting. And that everlasting life will be after this temporary. You won’t live forever with this earthly body. You can be called to that other life anytime without your permission.

Once you answer the call, you will give an account on how you spent this temporary life.

I see how the things of this life are chased by men(women and youths inclusive) with so much passion and enthusiasm. They chased the things of this life for general reasons we know and some personal reasons best known to them.

The reasons are for the sake of financial stability and freedom, fame, pleasure and sometimes to prove a point to some persons. Most people have died in the pursuit of these.

Life pursuit without Jesus is a visionless, passionless, wasteful and regretful mission.

God is a purposeful God and anything He does is for a purpose. In the same way, the life He gave to you is for a purpose. That purpose is in the book of Revelation 4:11.

If you aren’t giving pleasure to God through your lifestyle then, you are downplaying on your assignment.

God is no respecter of persons because He is the Creator of all things including you and He is the greatest of all. You respect/fear who is bigger than you. I ask, who is bigger than God that He should respect?

Your wealth, height, status, qualifications, standard, principles etc means nothing to God. He has the height, status, qualifications, standard and principles that are way greater than you. Have you forgotten, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof? (Psalm 24:1)

You have an assignment to do and fulfill.
You can only do and fulfill that assignment if you know it. And how can you do an assignment you don’t know?

We play down on the opportunity of life God gives us daily by living as we please not as the Master please.

You can only know your assignment if you first give your life to the One whom you have to do. The One in whom you live, move and have your being.

Your assignment is for others to see Jesus in you not you in you.
Your assignment is for you to always tell people about Jesus.
Your assignment is for you to live for God’s pleasure and not yours.

There are different ways God assigns duties to his children.

I know of a lady whose assignment is to only pray for herself once a week. The other days of the week is to pray for others. Her assignment is intercession.

Some others can be hospital, prison or house visitation, writing, counselling, children teaching etc.

In the midst of your career and legit business, you can still fulfill your God given assignment.

Your God given assignment should be your number 1 priority. Discover your assignment(s).

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