God Also Humbles His Own.

Have you ever wished or prayed for something and even went into fasting from time to time for a long time? It could be for years or months and yet no answer that should cause joy. 

We know this aspect of God that sometimes He delays the answers to our prayers for some reasons that have been known to us. It could be to teach us patience or to have empathy for those who have been passing through the same, or that’s not the right time based on God’s timing, or that request is a want and not a need.

You’ve also been told God does not give you what you ask if it could cause you harm.

But there’s still one more reason why God will choose not to answer your request, no matter the fasting and prayer.

No matter how loving and caring parents are to their children, they never give them everything they demand, and saying no as a parent could be difficult; nevertheless, they had to because it was for the good of that child(ren). 

Saying no was also part of the training.

The moment you genuinely become a child of God, you just signed up for your training class. God trains and drills you on His terms to make you an honorable vessel and a polished shaft.

No training is ever easy or sweet at first, but if you stay put with a positive mind, you will understand and appreciate the growth and benefits that come with it. 

If you came to God through Christ Jesus because you were told all your problems and needs would be solved and attended to, it’s a lie.

The God Almighty, I know, wouldn’t give you all you’ll request. He loves you so much not to trade your soul for something of no eternal value. 

Imagine you have all you wished or prayed for; will you still serve God and be loyal to Him?

If God had answered the prayer of Apostle Paul with regards to the infirmity he had, he would have been regarded as ‘God’ by men. A time may come in Apostle Paul’s life that, if not careful, he will see himself to have arrived and become proud.

There are prayers God may not or will never answer His own, no matter how they cry, and this is His way of training and drilling and, most importantly, keeping them humble.

He does that to humble you.

Yes, God still humbles His own, and He can go to any length to keep them humble because their soul is more precious to Him than their requests.

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