She Was Also A Wife.

The people of Israel, for twenty years, were in bondage and oppressed by Jabin, the king of Canaan. When the people of Israel cried for mercy, the Lord gave His people Israel Deborah as an answer.

Deborah was a vision, purpose, and God-driven woman, which was evident in her lifestyle. She knew her assignments and was committed to them with all diligence and discipline.

How can you talk about multi-tasking without mentioning Mother Deborah, who carried out all duties and completed all assignments assigned to her without suffering loss?

Deborah was described in three words but studying the book of Judges; there is more about this woman of valour.

Deborah! Deborah! Deborah!

A prophetess

A wife

A judge

A mother

A warrior

A listener

A discerner

A trusted counsellor

An encourager

A preserver

An intercessor

A music minister

A woman of faith

A role model indeed

Despite Deborah’s assignments, she still maintained her relationship with God. She was still glued to her Source. That was why she could hear His voice and be certain that it was the Lord.

…and the land had rest for forty years. Genesis 5:31(c).

A woman ultimately yielding to God brought rest to a whole nation for 40 solid years.

Deborah was one of those who lived a fulfilled and gracious life that impacted lives.

Some women, once married, stop every service/assignment they were rendering to God. They give excuses with ‘no time’ because of family responsibility, or they view themselves as people who have upgraded and as such they’ve outgrown that stage because they are married.

Can I remind you that Deborah was a family woman with responsibilities too?

In the Bible, she is known as one of the most influential women whose wisdom, courage, and faith are outstanding and still speak to date. The old and young waited patiently to be addressed and counselled by her. 

Her marital status never stopped her from her purpose as a Prophetess and Judge. And it also didn’t affect her relationship with God.

Dear Wife, marriage should advance you in Kingdom service because it’s a blessing and not a curse that halts one from progress.

You can possess the anointing and spirit that Deborah had.

Don’t limit yourself with excuses and fear; rather, release yourself to God, who has the sole ability to transform and lead you to a fulfilling path.

God is looking for Deborahs, who will bring rest to the oppressed.

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