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The Greatest Lie We Tell is Against God.

‘It is impossible, they said.

Moses sent twelve spies to survey God’s promised land. Ten out of the twelve (Joshua and Caleb were the exceptions) agreed it was impossible. They provoked God differently from what they had always done by doing this. 

Let’s first move past The Creation and consider these: God was the one who plagued Egypt 10 times,

 God parted the Red Sea,

 God became a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night,

 God miraculously made food appear in the desert,

 God spoke through a smoking mountain amidst the darkness.

They witnessed all these; calling a simple task impossible was the biggest lie they told against God. It was enough to cost them the promised land, and God ensured that everyone involved in that lie died in the wilderness. They never made it to the Promised Land. 

Sadly we are at this time also telling that great lie against God. 

We do this when we develop the ‘it’s impossible’ mentality,

 when we begin to lose faith in God, 

when we stop trusting in His Almighty power, 

When we don’t trust the ability, He has given us.

When we think our situation is hopeless, we exalt that situation above God, and when we do that, we make Him a liar and make all His works pointless. 

That is enough to make Him deny us help. 

Think about the universe and everything, think about your body and how it works, and ponder deeply on everything God has done in time, past, and present. If He did all those, then why are you worried now? Look at the sparrows, the ants, the animals, and the fish in the sea. He provides for them, and if He did, your case wouldn’t be any different. 

But remember this.  Who you think God is, that’s who He will become to you because you can never make Him a liar. He will show up for you according to how you see Him. If you acknowledge His might, He will show up mighty, but if you think of defeat, He allows you to be defeated because He cannot live a lie. Whether the situation is possible or impossible is up to your perception of God, so get the correct perception. 

However, we can never get the correct perception of God when we don’t know who He is, which is the reason we lie against Him in the first place. We must therefore seek to know Him by communicating with Him and studying His Word,  and by so doing, we will know Him and His might, and He will always show up for us to make things right.

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