What You Need To Know

Have you been called to serve GOD, or are you interested in serving Him?

I must warn you now. Please don’t say I didn’t tell you.

It will not be as easy as you think/believe or want it to be. You must lose all manner of expectations. Christians are failing, and Christianity is failing because the children of God didn’t get this awareness. They got into ‘serving God’ thinking it was;

  1. A way to manipulate God into meeting their needs.
  2. A way to get relevance and uphold their societal standing.
  3. It is going to be on their terms and methodologies. 
  4. Something they can come and go as they please.

When we pursue God’s calling with such a mindset, we set ourselves up for devastating failure, after which we blame God or authorities. But God is never to blame for our negligence or callousness. 

He that comes to God must believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Mark the Word DILIGENTLY. Before you are offered a job, you are interviewed to ensure that you know what the job is all about, the responsibilities involved and that you are capable and experienced enough to take it up or willing to learn. 

This is the same way anyone who wants to take up a role in God’s service must first know about the God you want to serve, what His personality is like and what He expects from you in the area of service you are undertaking. And it is irrespective of whether you were called into it or chose it yourself.

While we diligently seek Him, we not only know His personality but also learn to have faith and trust Him explicitly because, without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE  to please Him. We also learn and be infused with the virtues necessary to perform the tasks involved and withstand the storms and unpleasant situations that might arise in the course of our service, such as;

  1. The voice of criticism.
  2. The voice of compromise. 

When you see those who are admirable in God’s work, you will find out that this is their secret. Anyone who never took time to know God before entering His service soon gets discouraged, falls out, complains a lot, and begins behaving in ways that prevent others. But those who take time to know Him are not only steadfast but are a source of hope to others.

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