That’s Not Wealth But Death.

The Bible first introduced Nabal as a churlish and evil man from Caleb’s house.

Caleb was a companion of Joshua and Moses, a man of bravery and faith who knew the ability of God and gave service to Him.

Nabal’s reply to David’s servants further explains the kind of person he was. A man with a loose mouth and one without wisdom, understanding, and kindness. 

This has been his lifestyle and manner of approach to people, and because there haven’t been immediate repercussions, the desire for a change was far from him.

His wife and servants knew about his nasty character and were already fed up but kept interceding on his behalf whenever an opportunity presented itself.

And in the case of king David, it was no different. 

The servants were so irritated and angry that they told their master’s wife Abigail that their ‘master is such a son of Belial, that a man cannot speak to him.’ Ist Samuel 25:17(b)

Abigail, who was so full of wisdom, understanding, and a peaceful woman, went to intercede on behalf of her husband. Her act saved the entire household of Nabal. But God did not have it this time around with Nabal. He was so done with Nabal and killed him.

Nabal died because he was adamant about unlearning, learning, and relearning. He was so satisfied with his rude, abusive, and wicked personality. 

He was a blessed man surrounded by a good woman as a wife, loyal, honest, and good servants as well, yet he chose to remain his old self and held on to the path of destruction.

Sometimes when we read the Bible, we are so fast to judge the people who played a negative role. We ask ourselves silent questions or even bring it up in discussions about those Bible characters. Why did Nabal act so foolishly? Why was he so rude? Why this and why that.

But in real life, we aren’t different from such traits possessed by Nabal.

Nabal lived and possessed those nasty characters of his like they were wealth. He was never willing to let go and welcome change. He thought he would always have his way as other times. But so unfortunate for him when he spoke rudely and never showed kindness to God’s servant. 

Nabal was a bag of negativity. He was rude, foolish, wicked, and without kindness. When God remembered him, he remembered him with death.

You may get away with your rude, proud, immoral, and wicked lifestyle now, but it will not be forever. 

Give room for change and embrace it now while you may because you have no clue what tomorrow holds. 

Harken to your Abigail and servants; now while you may. They may be your parents, siblings, pastor, leader, colleagues, friends, servants, employees, or your spouse.

Don’t keep holding on to unpleasant attitudes that aren’t virtues like Nabal because that’s not wealth but death.

Give room for change now while you may.

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