Even As Your Soul Prospers

One of the wishes of God for us is all-around prosperity. 3 John says, beloved, I wish above all things that we prosper and be healthy even as our soul prospers.

Growth is something expected of us by God. But for every child of God, the growth must be balanced. This means you must prosper spiritually, physically, and financially.

On this note, let me ask you this question:

That source of income, does it prosper even your soul? Are you proud of your source income, and most especially, is God proud of you? Or have you sold your soul to the devil just to make wealth?

Countless young people and adults have resorted to every evil way to enrich themselves. Some are at the expense of their souls, while some are at the expense of the soul of another. Such people must remember that not only is the prosperity not of God, but also abhorred by Him.

They kill, fornicate, lie, blackmail, oppress or indulge in businesses that do not glorify God to get money.

They forcefully take the hard-earned money of others.

They manipulate numbers using their offices to embezzle public funds.

Some are too busy in their quest for money that they don’t have time for the house of God and the things of God.

Any form of prosperity that does not prosper our soul is not God’s ultimate wish for us, and such wealth brings sorrow and confusion.

So while we pursue wealth and health, we must be sure that we are chasing after God too. We must remember that the blessings of God maketh rich and addeth no sorrow, and when we sincerely seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, all other things(health and wealth) will be added to us.

We must ensure that we have found God, and every other thing comes after. Our wealth and health can abide if God is our foundation. Otherwise, we are set for a disastrous end.

This was the case in Eden with Eve and the serpent. Eve chose the benefits of the fruit of life, knowing what God had said. But in the Wilderness, Jesus chose the integrity of His soul rather than the devil’s offer.

Joseph rejected the offer of wealth through fornication by Mrs. Potipher and chose to suffer, and God lifted him greatly. 

Daniel chose to preserve his soul even if it meant missing out on the enjoyment, and God lifted Him.

Judas Iscariot chose money to the detriment of his soul.

There are many instances of these in the Bible and all around us.

You can see the end of those who chose their souls over money and those who did otherwise. The contrast is there.

So dear friend, as you are going about in your quest for prosperity which is very acceptable and vital, remember that your soul is most important to God. Make sure that your soul is deeply rooted in God first, and you will see God prospering the work of your hands.

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