Cain And Us.

Background story:

Cain was the first born son of Adam and had a younger brother named Abel. When God accepted his brother’s offering as opposed to his, he became enraged. Against the counsel of God, he murdered his brother, and here’s the irony; when God exiled him, he was worried that anyone who found him might kill him. The exact thing he was afraid of was what he had just done to someone.

So the question is; Was his brother good to die and him not?

Please don’t be quick to answer the question. 

Rather wait till you are done reading, and then you can answer for yourself.

We may have seen many videos of robbers, kidnappers, or murderers who were either caught in the act or apprehended later, begging for mercy and asking not to be killed. We then ask; You don’t want to be killed but just killed? Such a question must have popped up in our minds at some point.

Well, don’t be quick to answer still. 

Let us ask ourselves; if what we do to others is being done to us, will we be happy about it? Our daily interactions with those around us,  workplace, church, or neighborhood?

The way we talk about people, do we want to be talked about in the same manner?

How do we react to people? Would we want to be responded to in the same manner?

The way we treat people, do we want to be treated in the same manner?

What we think about another person, is that the way we want to be thought about?

Do we realize that we might someday be put in the spot we have put another person? If and when that happens, will we be happy to be there?

Now you can answer the questions. Is it the lack of empathy that makes you do to others we would find unpleasant to ourselves?

When we ask ourselves questions like these, we begin to count the cost of our actions towards people, and we become empathetic in our dealings with others because then we understand that there is no need to inflict on others what we wouldn’t want ourselves. We realize they are as human as we are; whatever affects us could also affect them.

If we can do this, we will have a happier society and environment. Life becomes more pleasant and less stressful. We enjoy more benefits and blessings from God our Father. We close the loopholes for the devil and his influences. We ward off hate and other negative emotions from our lives.

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